Canadian Aviation Weather - 3rd Edition

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"Canadian Aviation Weather" 3rd Edition  is written by Captain Doug Morris.  Meteorology is at the top of the list as far as pilot "must-knows." Every pilot is affected by the weather, every time he flies!

Welcome to the third edition of Canadian Aviation Weather which is now mostly colour and includes an additional chapter on altimetry. This in-depth book consists of 33 chapters on the A to Z of aviation weather. Not only does it focus on weather theory, but it includes numerous chapters regarding unique aviation forecasts. Canadian Aviation Weather caters to all pilots - from solo to flying for the airlines, and is by far the best weather book for Canadian aviators. Learn weather not only to pass your exams, but learn weather to appreciate it, respect it and to fly safely.


ISBN 978-1-7750927-0-4

Softcover, 285 pages, 8.5" x 11"

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