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From the Ground up 30th Edition Description:

From The Ground Up - Completely Revised and Updated!

First released in 1941, and with its seeds sowed during the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan of WWII, the 30th Edition of this highly regarded title expands upon its award-winning content, bringing to readers its historically recognized depth while introducing more new subject matter than ever before.

From the Ground Up charts its way through subjects related to Aircraft Operations, Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation & Communications, and General Airmanship. Within this overall structure, a multitude of subjects – all essential “need to know” content for students working towards their license's to fly – are presented with their customary breadth and scope. Building on the substantial updating to its design that was introduced during the tenure of the title’s previous edition, From the Ground Up, 30th Edition boasts further upgrades to its abundance of figures and illustrations. Most significantly, hundreds of updates to content have been inserted wherever such amendments have been required. New content on topics not seen before has been added to enhance the scale of readership knowledge.

Chapters within the book’s major sections include: The Aeroplane, Theory of Flight, Aero Engines, Aerodromes & Airspace, Air Rules & Procedures, Aviation Weather, Air Navigation Theory, Radio Communications, Radio Navigation, Airmanship, Human Factors, and Air Safety. Updated Appendices include a completely revamped Sample Examination, the customary extensive Glossary, and an expansive and fine-tuned Index. 

From the Ground Up, 30th Edition retains its unique interior layout, so designed to render its multi-layered structure easy to follow. Colour-coding of chapter pages make for the pinpointing of subjects easily identifiable. Thus, when delving into the book for quick reference, accessing the topic one seeks is readily improved.

Softcover, 8.5" X 11", 403 pages, full-colour

ISBN: 978-1-990849-02-2

Workbook Description:

Written to test students on their knowledge gained from the material within From the Ground Up, the From the Ground Up Workbook, 3rd Edition covers the subjects that are particularly pertinent to the examination for the Private Pilot License. Thus, it serves as an excellent means to retain information on important practical applications and theoretical concepts that students must know to obtain their license to fly.

A complete re-design of the From the Ground Up Workbook’s layout enhances this study guide’s appearance and utility. More colour, enhanced tables, and slicker formatting have been worked into this title’s re-design to better enable student retention of content.

As ever, the From the Ground Up Workbook, 3rd Edition, affordably compliments the popular, and widely used, textbook to which it is associated. By use of this title, students are better able to evaluate their understanding of From the Ground Up‘s content, thereby maximizing their knowledge and review of the information contained in the textbook itself.

Clouds Chart - Poster 


 For thousands of years, women and men have forecast the weather by watching the sky – noting the types of clouds, where they move, and how they develop. While a forecast should not be based on a single weather element, recognizing the various clouds – understanding what makes them form and grow- will help you to detect impending changes in the weather. 

Canada's Airspace Poster


This information has been produced by Civil Aviation to provide a better understanding of the airspace classification system in Canada. 

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