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The fourth generation of Garmin’s popular D2 aviator watch includes a built-in GPS receiver that drives an HSI display, full airport database, compass, altimeter, and nearest airport function. You can even connect the watch to your Garmin avionics to share routes and flight data. Outside the cockpit, the D2 Delta is packed with everyday features, including Garmin Pay contactless payments, music storage, and multi-sport training mode. It’s the no-compromise smart watch for pilots.


  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Moving map navigation
  • HSI screen
  • Dedicated Direct-to and Nearest buttons
  • Full airport database with lifetime updates
  • Built-in compass and altimeter
  • Customizable vibrating alerts
  • Connect to Garmin avionics and Garmin Pilot
  • Multi-sport activity tracking
  • Store up to 500 songs and stream over Bluetooth
  • GarminPay can replace your wallet
  • Quick-change bands

Powerful aviation features

All of the new D2 Delta models come preloaded with a worldwide aviation database and incorporate signature aviation accents like dedicated direct-to and nearest airport buttons, as well as the option to input a customizable aircraft tail number on the face of the watch. A large, sunlight-readable, high-resolution color display with an LED backlight on the watch face, allows pilots to view data in most lighting conditions in the cockpit.

Customizable alerts

D2 Delta can help you track altitudes, fuel tanks, and more. Configurable pressure altitude notifications provide a series of vibrations when arriving at a selected altitude. A fuel tank timer vibrates at configurable intervals to help remind pilots to switch fuel tanks while in-flight. Finally, a cross track error notification triggers a vibrating alert when pilots deviate from an active flight plan.

Garmin avionics connectivity

All three D2 Delta watches include wireless connectivity with Garmin avionics, including the Garmin Pilot app and GTN 650/750 panel-mount navigators, so you can transfer flight plans and receive GPS position, airspeed, and more. You can even use the D2 Delta as a GPS position source for the Garmin Pilot app.

Multi-sport features

You’ll find plenty of uses for the D2 Delta outside the cockpit too. It comes preloaded with modes for running, golfing, cycling, skiing, workouts, and more. Use the heart rate monitor to track your next workout and stay active. It’s even waterproof to 100 meters, so you can take it swimming.

Everyday extras

Plus, the D2 Delta series includes the new Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution so you can leave your wallet at home. There’s even the option to store music playlists (up to 500 songs) and then stream audio via Bluetooth to a headset or audio panel. It’s a complete smart watch for your active lifestyle.

What’s the difference?

The D2 Delta measures 47 mm and incorporates a silver titanium bezel, as well as a premium brown leather strap. Also includes a black silicone sport band. Offers up to 18 hours of battery life in GPS mode and up to 20 days in smartwatch mode.

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