At Lost Aviator, sustainability and Fair trade are as important to us as having enough fuel to reach our destination. It's not a matter of choice, but necessity. All of our suppliers specialize in Micro lot, organic, quality direct trade with local farmers, many of which they’ve had personal relationships with for years. Our Goal is to have as few steps between you and the hand that picked the coffee cherry from the tree. From their farm to its final destination, your cup.

As reliable as “Polaris,” our dark roast coffee will never let you down.  Many aviators found their way home on a dark night thanks to the guiding light of the North Star in the trusty Canadian-built airliner that shares the name.  We know our dark roast blend will be a beacon signalling to you from your pantry every morning and carrying you through your day or night as reliably as four Merlin engines.


**All Fresh and Sealed**