Pellini Espresso Bar Aroma Oro Gold Whole Bean Coffee (6 Pack) 1000G/2.2LBS

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Pellini Coffee Aroma Oro Gold Intenso Gusto

Incredibly balanced Espresso with a long-lasting and silky creama.

1000g Bag whole beans - 80% Arabic Beans / 20% Robust Beans

Only the best varieties - selected directly in the cultivation area - find their way into the roasting mills of Pellini Caffe.

This is how the typical Italian bar espresso is presented: Harmonious and balanced with a long-lasting and silky crema.

Typical as espresso and excellent for cappuccino and macchiato. Pellini Crema ORO simply has enough strength to stand up against the milk.

Taste chocolate notes rounded off by the taste of baked bread.

**All Fresh and Sealed**

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