Snakebyte SB914287 4 in 1 PC Gaming Multi Pack

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Don’t worry about having to customize your computer settings or install drivers, the keyboard, mouse, and headphones are ready to go right out of the box! Keyboard Designed for High- Performance Gaming: Enjoy a fast and consistent keystroke experience. This full-sized keyboard is ergonomically designed n oversized spacebar, and F-key multimedia controls. High-Accuracy Tracking: Play to your full potential.

This mouse is engineered with a gaming-grade optical sensor and a built-in 4-Level DPI button that allows you to switch on-the-fly. Speak and Be Heard Enjoy crystal clear conversations. The built-in boom microphone is designed with noise isolating technol- ogy to filter out ambient noises and ensure superior voice clarity. Mouse Pad: Designed with micro- textured fabric that’s been treated to resist water and spills and a rubberized anti-slip base, the in- cluded mouse pad offers great flexibility and a large space of tracking real estate for comfortable gaming action.

Best gaming and entertainment experiences, amazing connectivity and personali- zation Organize games and other content Instant Entertainment.

• The KEY:BOARD is the perfect gaming keyboard for avid gamers. Its anti-ghosting technology
and 10,000,000 keystroke lifetime ensures that it will be there for the long haul and handle even the most action-packed gaming sessions. Bright BLUE LED backlighting makes this a perfect key- board for night time gaming.

• The GAME:MOUSE is the perfect gaming mouse for those that love to game. Whether you're a casual gamer or looking to go pro, the GAME:MOUSE offers all the ideal features needed to get to the next level. The optical sensor has four customizable settings up to 2400 DPI and the low fric- tion base slides accross surfaces with ease while the mouse itself has immediate feedback and precision accuracy.

• The MOUSE:PAD is a computer gaming mouse pad measuring 20 x 24 cm (11 x 9.44 inches) and includes a non-slip rubber base. Natural rubber material with non-slip surface.

• True gamers know that gaming headsets are a must. The UNIVERSAL HEADSET is what you need if you're looking to get to that next level. Built in is a 50mm audio drive that allows for optimal sound quality.

A LED lit microphone with flexibility is perfect for coordinating with your teammates and trashtalking your foes. Soft and comfortable design makes this perfect for gamers seeking good audio quality and comfort, and a 2 meter cable provides freedom to move around.

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