Thrustmaster TCA Yoke PACK Boeing Edition (XBOX Series X/S, PC Windows)

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Based on the world-famous Dreamliner range of Boeing’s civil aviation business, Thrustmaster’s very first yoke system represents a truly revolutionary leap forward that completely changes the game for flight sim novices and experts alike. The TCA Yoke Boeing Edition is a flight controller that’s legendary, highly realistic and incredibly versatile.

Built around the idea of making a brand-new flight simulation experience possible for users, the major challenge involved in designing this product was to be able to reproduce the sensations of using a floor-mounted Boeing pendular yoke for simmers using their gear on a desk or table.

Revolutionizing the way that flight sim hardware functions, the TCA Yoke Boeing Edition has found a unique way of replicating the pendular kinematic movements associated with authentic Boeing flight controls. The TCA Yoke Boeing Edition’s floor-mounted/suspended design, validated by real life pilots, mirrors the different iconic details and features of real-world Boeing yokes in order to provide simmers with a feel that’s as close as possible to the real Dreamliner experience — without any sacrifices in terms of performance or realism when piloting more modest aircraft.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key points and technical features integrated within the TCA Yoke Boeing Edition:

- A historic and unique partnership with Boeing (officially licensed product(

- 1:1 scale ergonomic replica inspired by the Boeing 787 yoke

- Unique pendular system replicating the real Boeing yoke’s pendular sensation

o Realistic amplitude and kinematic motion axis 

o Lifelike feeling of a floor-mounted pendular yoke, reproduced on a desk or table

o Built-in, removable mounting system


 - Linear force and smooth movements with an 8.3-inch / 21-cm movement range of travel on the pitch axis, thanks to 4 adjustable springs

- 100% metal internal structure for authenticity, sturdiness and durability

- Versatile design allowing for intuitive handling in all types of civil aviation 

- 2 built-in axes for thrust control (or another user-mapped function)

- More than 18 action buttons, with an 8-way “point of view” hat switch and a mini-stick controller for a wide range of mapping options

- Proprietary magnetic technology (H.E.A.R.T™) for surgical precision (16-bit resolution on the main axes)

- Landing gear control feature included

- Mounting system, official Xbox® buttons, and audio port included


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